Child Care In 90807 Long Beach, California
Obviously, this scene is not from the city of Long Beach in Los Angeles County, California. But just as these sheep need some protection and guidance, kids in child care need loving care. The Whitcomb Family Daycare is ideal for children to safely learn.
It is at 4503 Walnut Avenue, in the 90807 zip-code area called Bixby Highlands, just west of Lakewood, a little southwest
of the cemetery that is near the intersection of Del Amo and Cherry Avenue, Long Beach.
For those children who come to
be cared for in the Whitcomb
home after November 7, 2009,
a new reading program gives preschoolers an opportunity to learn to read much earlier than what is usually expected in any preschool or daycare.

How does "WORDS" work? A two-year-old (or older) child sees a recognized picture that has the image's word included. When properly presented to the child, the word alone will soon be recognized.
Consider what these parents have said about this home child care: "You are an amazing family and have provided a warm, safe and nurturing environment to our children and for that we are most grateful. Thank you so much for helping us to raise our two children since infancy. You have made a permanent impression upon their hearts that we, and they, will never forget. "Sincerely, Kristy & Clark"
Phone Gladys Whitcomb at 562 427-6027. Make an appointment to visit this family child care home.
California state license # 191604310
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Pre-schoolers can learn to read
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