In the book Hunting Marfa Lights, James Bunnell explains why the lights he classifies as “CE-III” are not caused by car headlights. From the page: “Based on data collected, the author finds that while most of the observed lights in this area can be explained, about 3 percent are truly mysterious and of unknown origin.” According to Bunnell’s book (pages 168-169), “Letters ‘CE’ refer to MLs that exhibit ‘chemical’ or ‘combustion- like’ properties with electromagnetic attributes. These MLs are truly mys- terious and do not fit into Mirage or Light Curtain categories.” “ML” stands for “mystery lights.” The Marfa Lights Viewing Park, east of Marfa, Texas Recent research has resulted in a new conjecture for the cause of the more mysterious Marfa Lights, those that seem to dance and behave in other ways that make them obviously not car headlights: bioluminescent flying predators. Although some of the scientists who have studied Marfa Lights have not yet accepted the predator idea, no other explanation has come close to fitting the dancing behavior of the most mysterious of the Marfa Lights.