The WORDS pre-school education was started (at least by that name) in the Whitcomb Family Daycare, in early November, 2009. Jonathan Whitcomb, husband of Gladys (director of the family home childcare), noticed that children around two or three years old could memorize words without consciously memorizing the spellings. Repetition alone seems to secure those printed words into the pre-schoolers' memory.

Whitcomb then realized that using simple images with printed words would work even more effectively, for the children would not depend only on the spoken words: Visual images can
be much better for teaching young children (or people of any age, for that matter).
A key to Whitcombs' Organized Reading Display System (WORDS) is the picture that goes with the word that the child is learning. But soon the picture is removed, and only the printed word remains. This
word may not be recognized immediately,
but then comes the next stage: Picture
returns to word, securely connecting the
two together. Then, when word alone is
shown again, the child recognizes it.
Whitcomb Family Daycare, Long Beach, CA 

This family home childcare, licensed by the state of California and by the City of Long Beach, has a long tradition of broad service
in the area of Long Beach, Lakewood, and
Cerritos. It is common, for families with more
than one child, for a younger sibling to attend
Whitcomb's child care when an older child has
started kindergarten. And some families have two children attend at the same time.
One family (with two children) who lived in Yorba Linda (miles northeast of Anaheim)
drove to the Whitcomb home in Long Beach,
because they so much loved the child care
service provided by the Whitcomb family.
Reading Education In Child Care In Long Beach
How Children Learn
Whitcomb Family Daycare is highly recommened by parents. So call
Gladys today:
 562 427-6027
The Whitcomb Family Daycare is at 4503 Walnut Ave, Long Beach, California
State of California Daycare License # 191604310
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