"Mormon Helping Hands" volunteers dig in a garden at Kelly School. Other volunteers  painted walkway lines, poles, doors, and window frames (organized by members of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, assisted by friends of Kelly School).
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Digging-1: Volunteers Do Gardening at Kelly Elementary School
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Pterodactyl Reported In Papua New Guinea
. . . a large flying creature reported by an American soldier in 1944 is the same species of long-tailed featherless creature known as ropen. . . . Whitcomb disputes the traditional Western interpretation of the pterodactyl sightings as misidentifications of Flying Fox fruit bats. Natives described how one ropen held itself upright on a tree trunk, but the fruit bats hang upside down from branches. In addition, the ropen eats fish and has a long tail, unlike the Flying Fox.
Flying Fox fruit bats