"Mormon Helping Hands" (volunteers) help with gardening at Kelly Elementary School, Compton
(Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with friends of Kelly School)
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Gardening-3: Service Project at Kelly Elementary School, Compton, California
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Pterosaurs Still Living
Why some believe that the ropen of Umboi Island, Papua
New Guinea is a modern living pterosaur ("pterodactyl")
A government official saw a ropen on Umboi Island.
Perth, Australia sighting of 1997 (apparent pterosaur)
Gideon Koro was terrified by a ropen (about 1994)
"livepterosaur" pages
The indava -- Is it a pterosaur? (Nation 2006 expedition)
Theories and philosophies related to live pterosaurs
"Opinions about life-origins are categorized into two camps: Evolution and Creation; but are there only two points of view? In fact, a range of points of view are available about evolution, creation, and live pterosaurs."
About Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea