"Mormon Helping Hands" help with gardening at an elementary school in Southern California
(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, assisted by friends of the Kelly Elementary School)
(These pages are not by the LDS church; they are sponsored by PSL research.)
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Gardening-5: Service Project at Kelly Elementary School, Compton, California
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Living-Pterosaur Investigations
(about creatures called by names like "ropen" or "demon Flyer")
Pterosaurs Still Living (eyewitness accounts included)
MonsterQuest -- "Demon Flyer" episode, early June, 2009
Size Exaggeration; its potential in eyewitness sightings
Living Pterosaurs in the Pacific
Interviews of eyewitnesses in Opai and Gomlongon Villages,
sighting locations, and other subjects related to live pterosaurs
Painting a pole at Kelly Elementary