Line painting at Kelly Elementary School, Compton, California -- by the Mormon Helping Hands
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Service Project at Kelly Elementary School, Compton, California
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An online news release refers to "reports of living pterosaurs in U.S." Here is a summary:
"'Hoaxes are disproved,' declares Jonathan Whitcomb, author of the nonfiction book, 'Live Pterosaurs in America.' After compiling data from reports collected from early-2004 to mid-2009, from eyewitnesses across the United States, he found three kinds of evidence disproving any hoax-explanation."
"Live Pterosaurs in America" and "Searching for Ropens" (comparison: two nonfiction books)
The two non-fiction books are compared, side-by-side. Both are about reports of living pterosaurs: LPA is on cryptids in the United States; SFR is on those in Papua New Guinea.
"Live Pterosaurs in America" is "mostly cryptozoological" and "Searching for Ropens" has "cryptozoology and Christian values." (Both books are by Jonathan Whitcomb.) 
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