More pole-painting service at Kelly Elementary School in Compton, California -- by the Mormon Helping Hands,
volunteer helpers of the Long Beach Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS)
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Service Project at Kelly Elementary School, Compton, California
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Pterosaurs living in the U.S. and also in Papua New Guinea (cryptozoology)
Creationist book about "pterosaur-ideas"
- Reader comments from
"Searching for Ropens"
"I can hardly put this book down. . . . This book is so refreshing. Jonathan Whitcomb is to be congratulated for giving us a glimpse of our world denied us by the wildlife 'experts' from western countries."
Live Pterodactyl
Why is Papua New Guinea important to living-pterosaur research?
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Live Pterosaurs in America
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