"Mormon Helping Hands" used rakes at Kelly Elementary School. Others volunteers
painted poles, window frames, and doors. Helpers were mostly from the Long Beach
Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, also known as Mormons).
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Raking-4: Rake and Clean Up at Kelly Elementary School, by LDS Church
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Modern Dragons
Wawanar Dragon
This dragon "owns the land and the sea" (as told to
Whitcomb by an old sailor in Papua New Guinea)
The Seklo-bali and the ropen
These may be related to the Wawanar dragon legend
of Papua New Guinea (some cryptozoologists believe
thesecreatures are modern living pterosaurs).
Ropen-Pterodactyl (YouTube video)
Interview with Duane Hodgkinson, the eyewitness of the
giant "pterodacty" (1944) that Whitcomb believes is the
same kind of creature that is called "ropen" on Umboi Island.
Quotations from Searching for Ropens (book)
"Such is the power of the testimonies of the eyewitnesses Iíve encountered, that itís as real to me, almost, as if I had stared
it in the face."  (Whitcomb)
Ropen Scientific Article
Komodo Dragon:
now known to be venomous