"Mormon Helping Hands" volunteers painted window frames and doors at Kelly School. Other volunteers planted bushes and trees, and did other gardening work (organized by
members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Kelly friends helped).
(These pages about the April, 2009, service project are sponsored by PSL research)
Copyright 2009  Jonathan Whitcomb
Window Painting-3: Volunteers Perform Service for Kelly Elementary School
Kelly Window Painting           Forest Service closes caves to stop bat fungus       Flying Fox Bat and the Ropen
Bats, Ropens, and Living Pterosaurs
Research by PSL: Pterosaurs Still Living
Flying Fox: Giant Fruit Bat
Pterodactyl Reported in Papua New Guinea
An investigator [Jonathan Whitcomb] who explored Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, declares that a large flying creature reported
by an American soldier in 1944 is the same species of long-tailed featherless creature known as ropen.
Pterosaurs are not Flying Fox fruit bats
The fruit bat known as “Flying Fox” is quite large for a bat; some species have wingspans as great as five feet. To visitors from
America and Europe, these dog-faced bats are striking. . . . [But] 
large flying creatures [ropens] reported in Papua New Guinea are
said to eat fish; fruit bats do not eat fish. . . . Paul Nation learned
that the “indavas” near an inland village used to carry away village animals or small children; this stopped after the villagers learned to make much noise when they heard the sound of the approaching creatures. But fruit bats never carry away animals or people.
Flying Fox Fruit Bat: This is NOT a ropen