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Gladys and Jonathan Whitcomb have had child-care children in their home for over twenty years. They twice have built rooms onto their home, both times for child care. The backyard they have transformed into the "Village."
Licensed by both the state of California and by the city of Long Beach, the Whitcomb Family Day-
care also enriches the lives of the children attending, beyond what is required by simply the letter of the law: free piano lessons, free chess lessons, and W.O.R.D.S. reading.
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Whitcomb Family Daycare, 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, California 90807
State License # 191604310 Phone Gladys Whitcomb at 562 427-6027
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Child Care Associations and Regulations
Child Care Regulations of California
With limited exceptions (such as a child from only one family being cared for in a child care home), every family home child care in California needs to be licensed by the state.
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National Child Care Association, National
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National Association for Family Child Care
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Preschool in Long Beach, California
Your child will never be intimidated by dozens of noisy children in the Whitcomb home: far different from a typical institutional preschool.
Young Horizons
". . . to provide quality childcare and preschool programs to children of low-income families in
a caring, loving and learning environment."
Childcare By Gladys Whitcomb
Healthy Meals In Childcare
When eggs are served, they are the best: NORCO "Large Brown" Grade AA eggs, organic. The hens have an all vegetarian diet, free from antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides. And healthy chickens make healthy eggs; that makes healthy human children." [each egg has 225 mg of Omega-3]

Call Gladys at 562 427-6027
Cerritos, Child Care, and Music
Three uses of music . . . at Whitcomb's: background, dancing, and singing. Each is useful in its own way, regarding listening.

But as toddlers grow older they can choose to make real music. . . . Jonathan Whitcomb helps his wife, Gladys, by giving children short piano lessons in the living room, where [other] . . . children can see how music is learned.
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Children paint together in this Long Beach, California, child care home (90807 area)
Children's faces, in these photos, are covered for security.
Sisters enjoy sunshine at the Whitcomb childcare.
Some families have had two of their children in
this childcare at the same time (Bixby Highlands).
On the corner of 45th Street and Walnut Avenue,
Long Beach, California (note the picket fence)