Chess for Children

Encouraging all ages of players to compete in chess:
Children, teenagers, and adults, both in formal games
(organized tournaments and matches) and informal

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Chess Finesse

Elegant moves in chess

Joining or creating a chess club.
Utah chess instruction (lessons).
2016 Utah Elementary tournament.
Much about the royal game.

Live Pterosaur

Including the ropen

Nonfiction cryptozoology books: 
"Live Pterosaurs in America" and
"Searching for Ropens and Finding
God" (by Jonathan D. Whitcomb)

Chess End Games

For intermediate level chess players

Is this position, with best play, a win or
a draw, with White to move or with Black
to move? Decide for yourself and see if
you understand this chess end game.

Marfa Lights of Texas

A living-pterosaur expert explains

The scientific conjecture regarding
a group of bioluminescent flying
predators near Marfa, Texas: They
may be related to the ropen of PNG.